Hot Investment Real Estate Areas for 2014

Although the state of Colorado continues to grow, it is still considered by many to be a rural. Cities like Denver and Colorado Springs offer the finest in a metropolitan U.S. city, but much of the state is still very sparsely populated. Nonetheless, the opportunities for real estate in Colorado are very exciting to both buyers and sellers.

 Purchasing Real Estate In Colorado

Over five million people call the state of Colorado home. With the real estate market continuing to recover, the opportunities for both buyers and sellers haven’t been so promising in quite some time. However, it’s definitely a seller’s market, so there are a few things that buyers will want to consider as they peruse their options:


  • Demand the best in a realtor. Your first step towards purchasing real estate in Colorado is going to involve finding the right realtor. You want someone with experience, the ability to take you through every step of the purchasing process, and with plenty of testimonials and glowing reviews from past clients. Just because you found their name on a park bench, that doesn’t mean they’re right for you.
  • Take lots of notes and even more photos. As you visit properties in such places as Denver, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Aurora, Fort Collins, and elsewhere, you’ll want to have thorough notes and plenty of pictures. Focus on the things you liked, the things you didn’t like, and any questions you might have. Notes and pictures will help you to distinguish one property from the next.
  • Make sure you get pre-qualified. Those who intend to have their purchase financed would do well to have a lender help them understand price range and budget. You don’t want to find something that’s perfect for you, only to discover that you can’t afford it.
  • Bring in a home inspector. For a property you’re particularly serious about, have a home inspector take a look at it. They will be able to let you know everything a new owner absolutely needs to be aware of.
  • Additional inspections are a possibility. You may want to consider having things like the well, the water’s quality, the septic system, and the soil tested. Nothing should surprise you after the fact.

 Real Estate Shopping In Colorado

No matter where you might be shopping in Colorado, you’re likely going to find a number of attractive possibilities. However, competition for even a state like Colorado is extremely high, so make sure things like your credit score are in good shape.

The range of real estate opportunities can make you feel like there’s just too much to choose from. It will help your position as a buyer considerably to have a clear idea of what you want to purchase. Give yourself some wiggle room along the way, but the clearer your goals are, the better your overall buying experience is going to be.

And above all, enjoy yourself. Colorado is a state of wondrous beauty and potential. At the end of the day, a buyer should find something they’re truly going to be happy with.

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